About KSM Realty

An independent real estate investment management company, composed of a multidisciplinary team, whose complementary expertise combines a deep knowledge of the real estate and capital markets.

The focus on strategic management ensures the penetration and flexibility to operate in several segments of the real estate market, where specialized partners ensure a lean and unique business model.

With a unique positioning in the Brazilian market, KSM operates in several business areas:

    • Residential Fund

The prospection and joint development of vertical residential projects in the main cities in the South and Southeast regions of Brazil. KSM maintains partnerships with renowned local developers with an excellent track record, jointly managing its projects and focusing on structuring and positioning its developments.

    • Private Equity

KSM’s private equity branch is represented by Bossa Nova Sotheby’s, a broker of high-end real estate in São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and the south of Bahia, with operations that can be expanded throughout Brazil. Renowned for its market intelligence and excellent customer service, it holds the seal of Sotheby’s International Realty, which has 825 offices in 61 countries.

    • Miami

The prospection and development of residential and retrofit projects in Miami, FL. The U.S. business model is similar to the Brazilian one, selecting local partners and operating within the strategic ambit of its projects.

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