Private Equity

KSM’s private equity branch is represented by Bossa Nova Sotheby’s, a broker of high-end real estate in São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and the south of Bahia, with operations that can be expanded throughout Brazil. Renowned for its market intelligence and excellent customer service, it holds the seal of Sotheby’s International Realty, which has 825 offices in 61 countries.

KSM saw an opportunity to enter this most exclusive real estate segment and therefore brought Sotheby’s International Realty - an internationally renowned brand with exclusive intelligence - to the Brazilian market. The network’s brokers are specialized in meeting the most demanding tastes and standards of clients seeking houses, apartments, islands or any other type of high-end property. Bossa Nova was in turn chosen as a partner for its operating concept and philosophy, business model and exemplary brokerage team to help develop our understanding of the high-end property market.

Operating in a consulting role in the attraction and pricing of properties, in addition to assisting clients, Bossa Nova Sotheby’ has a wide range of management and control tools, including salesforce, market intelligence and training programs for the continuous qualification of brokers.

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